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In general, I'm NOT a big fan of any kind of art (e.g. paintings),
but there is one thing I like which I've seen on TV:

Bodyscapes (r) [IMG]

by Alan Teger

Skiers on bottom [IMG]
Skiers on bottom
Picnic [IMG]

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Rowboats [IMG]
Fishing in navel [IMG]
Fishing in navel

To see more of these lovely photographs,
(or maybe to buy some of them from the artist),
please visit www.bodyscapes.com.

"Bodyscapes - A photography gallery of collectible, sensual, erotic art, black and white photographs of the nude body which give the impression of landscape. The naked female and male form become ski slopes, fishing holes, golf courses and places where motorcycles, horses, rowboats, sailboats, biplanes, and mountain climbers play. Allan Teger's wonderful photographs of the human body prove that art can be fun and serious at the same time.

Alan Teger took all these photographs by placing the small figures and devices (e.g. rowboats) directly on the body of his models! He does not use any other technique to manipulate the photographs afterwards."

All photographs appearing on this website are the property of Allan I. Teger.